Suffolks for Sale

The Suffolk Horse Society has been notified that the following pure-bred Suffolks are for sale. Contact the Society for owner information for any of these horses.

Colts for Sale
Samford Ulysses 9122
d.o.b. 24 February 2014 s. Besthorpe Achilles 8961 d. Samford Tourmaline 28620
County: Suffolk

Bokesell Hercules 9116
d.o.b. 31 March 2013 s. Euston Malachite 8903 d. Donhead Hall Annabelle 28388
Hercules is at a training yard being prepared for showing this coming season. Will be taller than Bokesell Hobgoblin Olympian when he is mature. He is  docile and has a very good attitude when surrounded by many horses in the showing yard. Vaccinated, good with vet and farrier and is currently entire.
County: East Sussex

Geldings for Sale
Gateridge Bombardier 9019
d.o.b. 13 May 2008  s. Clenchwarton Rookery Rupert 8760  d. Sendholme Divine Duchess 28444
County: Essex

Bokesell Hobgoblin Olympian 9075
d.o.b. 15 June 2010 s. Euston Malachite 8903 d. Donhead Hall Annabelle 28388
Olympian is ready for harness training. Stands at 16hds, Fully vaccinated, good with farrier and vet. Lives out all the time.
County: East Sussex

Cardenhurst Spitfire 9106 (aka Sparkie)
d.o.b. 28 May 2012 s. Colony Edward 8781 d. Donhead Hall Penny 28447
He handles well in hand and knows the basic commands. He is bright chesnut with a flaxen main and tail and a white comet marking on his face, and should make in the region of 17.2 hands. He has excellent feet.
County: Cheshire

Long Meadow Albert 9087
d.o.b. 15 May 2011 s. Euston Malachite 8903 d. Top Meadow Victoria 28471
Region: Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Mares for Sale
Honeymill English Rose 28660
 d.o.b. 3 May 2011 s. Gosgame Prince William 8926 d. Auchenhamper Early Morning Surprise 28497
County: Hampshire

Sendholme Divine Duchess 28444
d.o.b. 6 June 2000  s. Golden Grandchild 8810 d. Wadesbeck Fatima 28175
Nice Suffolk temperament. Good on roads. Genuine reason for sale.
County: Clwyd

Stallion for Sale
Springtime Earl 9032 Licence Number SHS118
d.o.b. 21 April 2009 s. Springtime Hector 8868 d. Farmland Dolly Mixture 28501
County: Suffolk


The Gateridge Stud, Brackley, Northamptonshire
E-mail for details:

The Holbeache Stud  near Bewdley, Worcestershire
Contact: Mike Clarke
Tel:  07831 674018

The Whatton Manor Stud  Whatton-in-the-Vale, Nottingham
Contact Peter or Edward Player
Tel: 01949 850993

Banham Zoo Heritage Stables
Contact Matt Bundock
Tel: 01953 887193


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