The Society

suffolk_horse_society_1.jpgThe Suffolk Horse Society was founded in 1877.  The Society publishes the Stud Book and encourages breeding by presenting premiums and grants, in which it receives very substantial support from the Horse Race Betting Levy Board.The society publishes a regular newsletter and organises a major display of Suffolk horses at the Suffolk Punch Spectacular, each September.  An Annual Dinner is held each October.  A recent innovation has been the holding of the annual Ploughing Match for Suffolks.  This event is the only ploughing match restricted to a single breed of horse in the country.

suffolk_horse_society_2.jpgToday the breed is in the hands of a hard working group of enthusiastic people who are doing all they can to prevent such an important part of our living heritage from dissapearing.  A most encouraging trend is the considerable increase in interest in training Suffolk horses to work and besides farm work they are being used for forestry tasks and in the tourist industry.

Members of this Society are not only saving the Suffolk breed but they are also preserving the very considerable skills involved in working the heavy horse.  The pleasures of owning a breed of working horse whose characteristics have been fashioned over such a long period of time are enormous and the Society’s optimism for the future is clearly well founded.

The Society continues to increase its Supporters.  Currently there are around 1500, of whom only a relatively small number own Suffolks.  Other supporters belong to the Society in order to be part of saving this wonderful animal and new friends and members are always welcome.


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