Mare Grants 2021

Mare – Swabbing 

Genital swabs as recommended by the International (HBLB) Codes of Practice 2021 ( are recommended. The society will pay £50.00 towards a swab for your mare.

Condition:       A BEVA Laboratory Certificate, 2021 Season mare swab certificate must be sent to the office by the 1st October 2021 as proof to validate payment.


Mare – Covering Grant

Available to the owner of each mare covered or inseminated by an established UK registered, licensed Suffolk Stallion.


Green Covering Yellow Covering Orange Covering Red Covering 
£100 £75.00 £50.00 £25.00

        Condition: 1. Only 1 grant per mare per season.


Mare – Grant for registered Births or lost Pregnancy

The Society will pay £125 for the mare owner for each birth:

Conditions:         1. The owner of the dam must report the birth of foal to the SHS within seven (7) days of it occurring.

  1. The grant will be paid for each live, still-born foal or aborted recovered foetus older than 120 days of gestation.
  2. The grant will also be payable if the mare dies and reported to be in-foal by a Veterinary Surgeon’s post-mortem.
  3. These events must be reported to the SHS office within seven (7) days of occurrence.


Foal Registration Grant

          for mare owners registering foals before 1st October 2021. This grant contributes to the costs of blood sampling for parentage verification, foal tetanus inoculation and as an incentive for registration.

Green Foal Yellow Foal Orange Foal Red Foal 
£200 £160 £140 £120


IN ADDITION, an equine passport will be supplied free of charge, as per UK legislation (Defra) all horses in the UK require an equine passport. A foal must have a passport within six months of its birth or by 31st December of the year of its birth whichever is later.) PLUS the registration fee of £20.00 will be waived.


Conditions1. The owner of the dam of each foal is required to report the birth of the foal to the SHS within seven (7) days of it occurring.

  1. Upon notification of each live birth the office will send a registration and identification form to the mare owner for completion by the owner and their nominated veterinary surgeon. The completed foal registration and identification form must be returned to the office before

1st October 2021. The document will be incorporated into the equine passport. 

  1. The owner of the dam of each foal must provide the Society with a covering certificate for each foal to be registered. Covering certificates are mandatory under UK legislation (Defra).
  2. The foal must be micro-chipped. (Please note under UK legislation (Defra) micro-chipping is mandatory for all horses issued with a new passport since 30th June 2009.) 
  3. A blood sample from the foal must be provided and sent to Weatherbys Scientific, Ireland, for parentage verification. Detailed instructions will be provided with the registration forms.



The Suffolk Horse Society strongly recommends that all horses are immunized against Equine Influenza and tetanus. We strongly recommend that all foals are given tetanus anti-toxin (Tetanus toxoid), preferably within 24 hours after birth to provide initial protection before a full immunization program against Equine Influenza and tetanus starts at 6 months of age.  Veterinary advice pertinent to each owner’s horses should be sought for best management practices.


Mare – Covering Travel Grant

          Available to mare owners for expenses incurred in travelling long distances to a suitable stallion. Payable at £1 per mile for the round trip, excluding the first 50 miles on the outbound and inbound trip, and not exceeding the amount of £200 per journey. The travelling grant is predicated upon the journey, not the mare. Therefore, the mileage calculation is the same regardless of the number of mares being moved.

Condition:    1. Owners wishing to claim a mare travel grant must write to the Society with details of

                         the mileage incurred.  Claims must be received by 1st October 2021 at the latest.

  1. Only 1 claim per mare, per covering season, will be applied.
  2. 3. No travel grant will be paid to a mare travelling to be covered by a Red mating.

(see SPARKS individual mare recommendations)


Mare – Embryo Transfer Grant

          With improving success rates in other breeds and a growth in demand, the Suffolk Horse Society has recognised the need to support owners who wish to pursue alternative breeding techniques when breeding from their registered Suffolk mare.

          This grant will only be paid out if the Artificial Breeding Technique protocols as listed in the Suffolk Horse Stud Book are strictly adhered to.  A grant of £200 will be paid in addition to the usual breeding grants available to mare owners.


Mare – Fertility problems

          Owners whose mares aged between 5 years and 14 years of age have failed to conceive for two consecutive breeding seasons/years, are asked to contact the office.  Upon presentation of a veterinary report the SHS will contribute up to £250 for veterinary examinations and treatments to investigate the causes of subfertility.


Foal Post Mortem Grant

          The Suffolk Horse Society will pay up to £300.00 towards the cost of a post mortem (PM) examination by a veterinary surgeon for aborted or still-born foals. Please check with the Society for more details.

Condition:           1. A veterinary post mortem pathology report must be lodged with the Society.



  1.                 The SHS will not pay grants in respect of the following close kinship matings:

                                 –            Father covering daughter / daughter covered by father

                                  –            Son covering mother / mother covered by son

                                  –            Full brother covering full sister / full sister covered by full brother


  1. Stallion owners serving a mare with two different stallions in or under their ownership or management during the same calendar year will only be eligible to claim one single Stallion Grant for:
  2. Either, the first named stallion, or
  3. the second, if, by which a pregnancy has been achieved.



The return date for documentation required for grant calculations in all categories as set out above is

1st October 2021.  Owners may forfeit their grant if the required paperwork is not received by this date.


If foal registration paperwork is not received by 2nd November, the additional registration fee of £20 will be levied without exception.  A further additional fee of £20 will be charged to issue of the passport. If an animal is registered after the end of the year in which it was born it will need to be inspected by two appointed members of the Society’s Panel of Judges at the owner’s expense.