Mare Grants

Name of Grant Details Conditions
Covering Grant NEW FOR 2020 £100 for the mare owner for covering each mare with a UK registered, licenced Suffolk Stallion who has not previously sired a foal, whether or not the mare was successfully inseminated.  Only 1 grant per mare per season.
Covering Grant  £70 for the mare owner for covering each mare with an established UK registered, licenced Suffolk Stallion, whether or not the mare was successfully inseminated.  Only 1 grant per mare per season.
Reported Births Grant  £125 for the mare owner for each birth
  1. The owner of the dam must report the birth of foal to the SHS within seven (7) days of it occurring.
  2. The grant will be paid for each live or still born foal or aborted visible foetus.
  3. The grant will also be payable if the mare dies and is shown to be in-foal by a Veterinary Surgeons post mortem.
  4. These events must be reported to the SHS office within seven (7) days of them occurring
Foal Registration Grant £250.00 for mare owners for registering foals . This sum is to cover the cost of the blood sample and a tetanus inoculation and as a reward for registration.

IN ADDITION an equine passport will be supplied free of charge.  (Please note under EU legislation all horses in the UK require an equine passport. A foal must have a passport within six months of its birth or by 31st December of the year of its birth whichever is later.) PLUS the registration fee of £20.00 will be waived.

  1. The owner of the dam of each foal should report the birth of the foal to the SHS within seven (7) days of it occurring.
  2. Upon receipt of the report of each live birth the office will send a registration form to the mare owner for completion by a veterinary surgeon. The completed form must be returned to the office before  and will be incorporated into the equine passport.
  1. The owner of the dam of each foal must provide the Society with a covering certificate for each foal to be registered. Covering certificates are mandatory under EU legislation.
  2. The foal must be micro-chipped. (Please note under EU legislation micro-chipping is mandatory for all horses issued with a new passport after 30th June 2009.)
  3. Owners of foals forward for registration must submit a blood sample to the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket to be held by them. Details will be provided with the registration forms.


Whilst not wishing to dictate to owners, the Suffolk Horse Society strongly advises that all horses should be immunised against tetanus. We strongly recommend that all foals be given tetanus anti-toxin shortly after birth to provide initial protection before a full immunisation programme can begin at around 6 months of age.
Foal Post Mortem Grant The Suffolk Horse Society will pay the cost of a post mortem for still born foals. Please check with the Society for more details.


Professional Report of Post Mortem findings to be lodged with the Society.


Covering Travel Grant Available to mare owners for expenses incurred in travelling long distances to a suitable stallion. Payable at £1 per mile for the round trip, excluding the first 50 miles on the outbound and inbound trip, and not exceeding the amount of £200 per journey. The travelling grant is predicated upon the journey, not the mare. Therefore, the mileage calculation is the same regardless of the number of mares being moved.


  1. Owners wishing to claim a mare travel grant must write to the Society with details the mileage incurred.  Claims must be received .
  2. Only 1 claim per mare, per covering season will be applied.
Fertility problems Owners of mares that have failed to conceive, or had difficulty conceiving, for two breeding seasons/years, are asked to contact the office. The SHS will pay for a veterinary examination to see if the cause can be identified.