Stallion Grants

Name of Grant Details Conditions
Listing Grant £75.00 for placing a licensed, registered, stallion on the list of stallions standing at stud until 31st July 2020. 1.      Stallion owners to provide the Society with up-to-date contact details, plus information and a photograph of their stallion for publication in the Suffolk Horse Magazine, on the Society’s website and in the Stallion Booklet.
Covering Grant £60.00 for the stallion owner in respect of each UK registered Suffolk mare covered by a Suffolk Horse Society UK registered licenced Suffolk Stallion. This grant will reduce to £30 once 10 breeding offspring have been registered.


  1. Stallion owners must complete an annual covering record sheet and return this to the Society by 1st October 2020.  (Record sheets will be sent out by the SHS in early September 2020).
  2. Stallion owners must provide mare owners with a covering certificate for each mare covered. Covering certificates are mandatory under EU legislation. The covering certificate must be retained by the mare owner as it will need to be submitted to the Society when any resulting foal is registered.
  3. Studs whose stallions have each covered the same mare during the year are only eligible for one grant in respect of that mare.
Off-Spring Reported Births Grant NEW FOR 2020


For UK registered, licenced stallions that have not previously sired a foal, covering pure bred UK registered mares, the SHS will pay higher grants for the registration of initial off-spring:

  • £300 for 1st REGISTERED FOAL
  • £200 for 2nd REGISTERED FOAL
  • £100 for 3rd REGISTERED FOAL
  • For subsequent foals, the Stallion owner will receive the Reported Births Grant of £40 until 10 breeding offspring have been registered, where upon grants will reduce as follows:
    • Stallion Covering Grant – £30
    • Reported Births Grant – £20


  1. The owner of the dam must report the birth of foal to the SHS within seven (7) days of it occurring.
  2. The grant will be paid for each live or still born foal or aborted visible foetus.
  3. The grant will also be payable if the mare dies and is shown to be in-foal by a Veterinary Surgeons post mortem.
  4. These events should be reported to the SHS office within seven (7) days of them occurring.


Covering Travel Grant


Available to stallion owners for expenses incurred in travelling a UK registered, licenced Suffolk Stallion to a mare. Payable at £1 per mile for the round trip, excluding the first 50 miles, and not exceeding the amount of £200 per journey for UK registered, licenced stallions. One visit per mare. 1. Owners wishing to claim a stallion travel grant must write/email to the Society detailing the date of the journey, the name and registration number of the mare, the owner of the mare and the distance travelled.  Claims must be received


Breed Promotion Recognition Award


£50 for each registered, licensed, stallion competing in a class at EACH of the following

affiliated shows: Woodbridge Show, Suffolk Show,

Royal Norfolk Show.

1. Only 1 grant per show per stallion.


Breed Promotion – Show Travel Grant £1.50 per mile outbound, excluding the first 50 miles, for each UK registered, licenced Suffolk Stallion competing in a class at of the following affiliated shows, Woodbridge Show, Suffolk Show or Royal Norfolk Show.
  1. Only one grant payable per stallion per year.
  2. Owners wishing to claim a stallion breed promotion recognition award travel grant must write to the Society specifying the name and date of the show and the distance travelled.  Claims must be received by 1st October 2020 at the latest
  3. Stallion to be licensed for use in the Breeding Season of the Show


Licensing Grant Licensing requires an examination of the candidate stallion by an inspection team comprising of a veterinary surgeon and two Society inspectors.

  • £250.00 payable to the owner of a colt that reaches a minimum of 24 months old, when presented for inspection for stallion and achieves licence.
  • Should a colt be inspected and not be licenced, £150 will be payable to the owner.
  1. Animals achieving licence must be offered for service for a minimum of 6 months from the licence issue date.