Listing Type: General

Colour –  Dark Chesnut

Height – 16hh

Owner Name – Jackie Taylor

Stud Fees – £300

Livery Charge – POA

Covering Type – Natural/AI


s: Besthorpe Achilles 8961

d: Moyns Petra Penny 28456

d’s s: Clenchwarton Rookery Rupert 8760

D.O.B: 17 February 2010 Record to 17th dam

Colour: Golden Chesnut

Height: 16.1hh

Breeder: Mr M Donsworth

Owner: Mrs E Park

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s: Euston Malachite 8903

d: Tinglestone Summer Breeze 28544

d’s s: Golden Grandchild 8810

D.O.B: 20th March 2015 Record to 15th dam

Colour: Whole-coloured Chesnut

Owner & Breeder: HRH The Princess Royal

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s:  Highpoint William 8836

d: Thornfield Miss Jolly 28285

d’s s: Happy Valley Juggler 8538

D.O.B:  14 June 2010 Record to 14th dam

Colour: Chesnut

Height: 16.5hh

Owner & Breeder: Mr H Gotts, Cornwall

Full AI Service available (chilled and frozen). No facilities for visiting mares. £300 + collection and shipping costs. 

Frozen Semen available through the Suffolk Horse Society. Also available for export to Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.A.  Contact

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s: Holbeache Iggy 9033

d: Holbeache Kitty 28654

d’s s: Auchenhamper Highland Bonny Prince Charlie 8917

D.O.B: 18th May 2016   Record to the 13th dam

Colour: Chesnut

Height: 18hh

Owner & Breeder: Mr W Whiteman, Worcs. WR6 6UY

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s: Springtime Hector 8868

d: Farmland Dolly Mixture 28501

d’s s: Kingsland Morning Star 8805

D.O.B: 21 April 2009 Record to 18th dam

Colour: Bright Chesnut

Height: 17hh

Breeder & Owner: Mr K Cracknell

Stud Fee: POA

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s: Euston Bobby Dazzler 8974

d: Shotleyfield Lucky Lady 28562

d’s s: Colony Millennium 8891

D.O.B: 13 April 2012  Record to 3rd dam

Colour: Whole-coloured Dark Chesnut

Height:  16.2hh

Breeder: Mr E Schooler

Owner: Mrs F Clark

Stud Fees: £350

Livery: Basic grass livery £60 per week

Will travel within reasonable distance to cover mares with good veterinary support. £55 for basic livery costs for visiting mares.

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s: Golden Grandchild 8810

d: Auchenhamper April Misty Morn 28433

d’s s: Waveney Field Marshall 8703

D.O.B: 2 June 2012 Record to 18th dam

Colour: Chesnut

Height: 16hh

Owner & Breeder: Mrs A Hoskins, Stamford, Lincolnshire

Stud Fee: £280

Livery Fee: Stable and grass – POA

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s: Cardenhurst Highflyer 9066

d: Easton Countess 28644

d’s s: Euston Bobby Dazzler 8974

D.O.B: 20/05/17 Record to 16th dam

Colour: Chesnut

Height: 16.2hh

Breeder: NewPole Livestock Ltd

Owner: Mr George Pratt

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s: Holbeache Iggy 9033

d: Holbeache Honey 28604

d’s s: Gosgame Prince 8914

D.O.B: 16/05/18

Colour: Dark Chesnut

Height: 16.2hh (still growing)

Breeder: Mr Mike Clarke and Daughter

Owner: Adrian Hoskins

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