Passports Complaints Procedure

Suffolk Horse Society Complaints & Appeals
Relating to the Society’s Responsibilities as a Passport Provider
The Suffolk Horse Society strives for a high standard in its responsibilities as a passport provider but there may be occasions when something goes wrong. When that happens, we would encourage you to tell us about your comments or complaints so we can put things right. Complaints may be made verbally in the first instance by telephoning the Society’s office but should be followed up in writing, either by letter or e-mail.  Your name and contact details must be included.

Complaints Procedure

  • We will provide written acknowledgement of the complaint.
  • We will confirm how the complaint will be dealt with, by whom and within in what timeframe. Complaints will normally be considered by the Breeding Committee, which is a Committee of the elected Council of Trustees.
  • We will investigate the complaint and provide written confirmation of the outcome of the complaint.
  • If the complaint cannot be resolved in the short-term a letter will be sent to you within eight weeks of the original complaint, clearly explaining why we have been unable to resolve the matter.
  • Records of any complaints received will be kept by the Society for two years from the date of the initial communication and will be made available for inspection if necessary. The records will include the name of the complainant, the substance of the complaint and the actions taken in resolution.

Appeal Procedure
If the complainant is not satisfied with the suggested solution/process, he or she may appeal in writing to the Society detailing the cause of dissatisfaction

  • We will provide written acknowledgement of the appeal.
  • The appeal will then be considered by the Executive Committee of the Council, which will agree a course of action.