We have created a complete Owners Manual for anyone who owns, or is thinking about buying, a Suffolk Horse. This includes copies of all available forms and documents you might need for free download: 

Owner's Manual Cover

Owner Information Booklet – Latest Version


Addendum 2a – List of Current Trustees June 2021

Addendum 4 – Suffolk Horse Passports and Colours

Addendum 5 a – Notice of Change of Owner Form

Addendum 7a Replacement Passport Application Form

Addendum 10d – Application Form for Registrations of a Prefix or  Affix

Addendum 10e List of Current Registered SHS Prefixes

Addendum 11l – AI Owner Declaration Form

Addendum 11m – AI Vet Declaration Form

Addendum 11n – Mare and Stallion Covering Certificates

Addendum 11o – Mare Scanned in Foal Certificate

Addendum 11p – Semen Stocks

Addendum 12c Notes for Completion of a Foal Registration

Addendum 12d – Application & Owners Statement for Registration of a Foal

Addendum 12e – Indentification Details

Addendum 12f – Blood Sample Record Sheet

Addendum 14j – Stallion Licence Application Form

Addendum 14k – Stallion Inspectors Form

Addendum 14l – Stallion Licence Veterinarian Form

Addendum 14m International Section Application Form

Addendum 14n Current Stallion Listing 2021

Addendum 15d – Full List of Available Grants

Addendum 15e Show Grant Application Form

Addendum 17g -Probationary Judge Application Form

Addendum 18a – Braiding A Tail – a picture guide

Addendum 18b – Braiding A Mane

Addendum 18c – Registered Suffolk Horse Flight Colours

Addendum 22a – Complaints and Appeals Procedure

Complaints Procedure June 2021

Disciplinary Procedure June 2021

Stallion Listing Booklet March 2021