Oral History

In 2012, the Suffolk Horse Society was successful with its application to received a grant from the Heritage Lotteries Fund (HLF) as part of the nationwide “All Our Stories” project. Our project was named “Working Horses, Working Lives: sharing our stories of the Suffolk Punch”.   We collected the stories and reminiscences of the men and women who looked after and worked with Suffolk Punch horses while they were still the main power source in agriculture and transport.  We included younger horsemen who still earn their living with working horses.

See below for the recordings and transcripts of the conversations. 

More information about the Oral History Project

Alan Adcock


Bernard Adams (Download Transcript)


Bill Marland (Download Transcript)


Billy Moyse (Download Transcript)


Bill Smith (Download Transcript)


Bruce Smith (Dowbnload Transcript)


Cherry Grover (Download Transcript)


Daniel Bunting (Download Transcript)


Derek Lay  (Download Transcript)


Don Sherwood (Download Transcript)

Ernie Smith (Download Transcript)


Fleming Family (Download Transcript)


Graham Collins (Download Transcript)


Graham Denny (Download Transcript)


Gus Kitson (Download Transcript)


Jack Johnson (Download Transcript)


John Barker (Download Transcript)


Lesley Miller ( Download Transcript)


Martin Goymour (Download Transcript)


Matt Bundock (Download Transcript)


Nigel Oakley (Download Transcript)


Peter Bundock (Download Transcript)


Peter Harrison (Download Transcript)


Philip Ryder Davies (Download Transcript Part 1) (Download Transcript Part 2)


Ray Hubbard Interview (Download Transcript)


Ray Hubbard – Song


Richard Dalton (Download Transcript)


Roger Clark by Lesley Dolphin Download Transcript Part 1) (Download Transcript Part 2)


Russel Ling (Download Transcript)


Tom Walne (Download Transcript)