Horses for Sale and Wanted

Suffolk Punch horses are critically endangered, and therefore it can be very difficult to find them for sale. When we do hear about Suffolks that are available, we will add them here:
Horses For Sale.

We also have adverts for Horses Wanted. Please contact us if you would like to have your details added to this page, but please be aware that our breeders normally have their own waiting lists so may not check here. 

If you are serious about looking for a Suffolk Horse to own, then you may wish to contact some of our Horse Breeders in the UK who may be able to add you to their own waiting lists. 

We are always keen to hear from people wanting to buy a Suffolk Horse, but please be aware that because they are critically endangered, most breeders will not be keen to sell a mare or stallion to an inexperienced owner. If you are new to owning a Suffolk Horse, then please do consider buying a gelding. Not only are they generally calmer and more trainable, but buying a gelding will help the breeders by giving them the funds and space they need to breed more Suffolks.

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Holbeache Suffolks, taken by Les Key