Meet the Team

Officers and Council of the Suffolk Horse Society

President: Mrs Mary Ryder-Davies
President Elect: Mr Neil Syrett
Past President: Mrs Fiona Fleming
Chairman: Ms Sue Wager
Vice Chairman: Mrs Gail Sprake
Treasurer: Mr Alan Hawes
Stud Book Co-ordinator: Ms Sue Wager
Company Secretary: Mrs Gail Sprake

If you have any questions, please write to


In addition to this, the society is run by a a Board of Trustees, headed up by our chairman, Ms Sue Wager.

Mr Neil Adams
Mr Charles Cooke
Mr Mark Donsworth
Clare, Countess of Euston
Mr John Fleming
Mrs Jayne Groom
Mrs Cherry Grover
Mr Alan Hawes
Mrs Andrea Hoskins
Mr Frank Kinge
Mr John Latham
Mr Bruce Langley McKim
Mr George Pratt
Mrs Mary Ryder Davies
Mrs Gail Sprake
Mr Paul Smith
Mr Chris Spalding
Ms Sue Wager

If you would like to write to the chairman, the email address is

For finance questions, please write to the treasurer at