2020 Grants – Detailed below are the grants offered in 2020.

All Stallion & Mare owners – please be sure to read the details below in respect of the grants and the conditions under which they may be given, before viewing the specific grant sections:
Grants and premiums are payable only

to fully paid-up members of the Suffolk Horse Society.
in respect of UK registered pure-bred Suffolk horses.
Payment of grants and premiums is at the discretion of the Council of the Suffolk Horse Society, which reserves the right to withdraw or change the terms of grants offered at any time.

The Society is extremely grateful to the Horserace Betting Levy Board (HBLB), The Felix Cobbold Trust, and to all of our supporters, members and friends who have helped to raise money for the Society, enabling it to offer breeding grants for 2020.


The return date for documentation required for grant calculations in all categories is 1st October 2020. Owners may forfeit their grant if the required paperwork is not received by the specified date.

If registration paperwork is not received until 2nd November or later the registration fee of £20 will be levied without exception, and a fee of £20 will be charged for issue of the passport. If an animal is registered after the end of the year in which it was born, it will need to be inspected by two appointed members of the Society’s Panel of Judges and this inspection will be at the owner’s expense.


A) The Society will not pay grants in respect of the following close kinship matings:

– Sire covering daughter / Daughter covered by sire

– Son covering dam / Dam covered by son

– Full brother covering full sister / Full sister covered by full brother

B) Where a stud owns more than one stallion and uses more than one stallion to cover the same mare during any one year, only the first stallion used will be eligible for the stallion owner covering grant for that year.