Stallion Grants 2023

Stallion Grants:
Stallion – Listing Grant

£300.00 for entering a UK registered, licensed stallion on the List of Stallions Standing at Stud until 31st July 2023.


1. Stallion owner/manager to provide the Society with a copy of the current negative BEVA Laboratory

Certificate, 2023 Season swab certificate. Please request your vet to collect a standard set of stallion swabs as per the International (HBLB) Codes of Practice 2023 recommendations. ( that are submitted to a BEVA approved laboratory for bacterial culture or PCR testing. (Swab certificates must be sent to the SHS office before the first covering of the season (2023). Grants will not be paid out without evidence of the swab).

If a stallion is licenced mid-season the Stallion Listing Grant will be paid the following season. A stallion listing grant is only available when a stallion is listed for a full covering season.


2. The stallion owner/manager must also supply up-to-date contact details, plus information and a photograph of their stallion for publication in the Suffolk Horse Magazine, on the Society’s website and in the Stallion Booklet. Failure to comply will result in the SHS not paying the grant.


Note: A stallion that has already sired more than 10 breeding progenies (fillies or licenced colts) is eligible only to a reduced grant of £175.00


Stallion – Offspring Reported Births Grant or Foetus (over 120 days)

The Society will pay out the following grants when a foal is registered (Based on SPARKS individual mare sheets at

the beginning of 2023 covering season – 1st February 2023 as can be subject to change)


Green Mating Yellow Mating Orange Mating Red Mating
£70 £60 £50 £40
1. The owner of the dam must report the birth of foal/ or aborted foetus to the SHS within seven

(7) days of it occurring. (Confirmation must be given in writing/email to the SHS office)

(Confirmation must be received from a veterinary surgeon to the SHS to confirm the foetus was over 120 days gestation, (The SHS will pay up to £300 for a post mortem) The SHS will not pay out a grant without confirmation)



2. The grant will be paid for each live, still-born foal or aborted visible/recovered foetus (older than 120 daysgestation).
3. The grant will also be payable if the mare dies and is shown to be in-foal by a veterinary surgeon’s post-mortem.


4. These events should be reported to the SHS office within seven (7) days of them occurring. (Confirmation must be given in writing to the SHS office).


Stallion – Covering Travel Grant

Available to stallion owners for expenses incurred in travelling a UK registered, licensed Suffolk stallion to a

registered Suffolk mare for a natural covering. Payable at £1.00 per mile for the round trip, excluding the first 50 miles, and not exceeding the amount of £200 per journey for UK registered, licensed stallions. One visit per mare. No travel grant will be given to a stallion travelling to a Red mating.


1. Owners wishing to claim a stallion travel grant must complete the ‘Stallion and Mare Travel Grant Application Form’ and return to the SHS by post. The Application Form details the date of the journey, the postcodes of the home stable and the destination, the name and registration number of the mare, the owner of the mare and the distance travelled.  Claims must be received by 1st October 2023 at the latest.


Stallion – Licensing Grant

A SHS stallion licence is carried out by the SHS inspection team and comprises of a SHS recommended veterinary surgeon and two SHS Inspectors.

          £250.00 payable to the owner of a successfully licensed colt following presentation for inspection. 

          £150 payable if a licence is failed or deferred. If the colt is reinspected and issued with a Stallion Licence the remaining £100.00 will be paid.


1. Animals achieving licence must be offered for service for a minimum of six months from the licence issue date. If licenced in the autumn, the stallion must stand for the next year’s covering season.  
2 If a stallion is licenced mid-season the Stallion Listing Grant will be paid the following season. A Stallion Listing Grant is only available when a stallion is listed for a full covering season and a swab is provided.
3. Once the Stallion Licence Application Form has been received in the SHS office, the Stallion Inspection must be carried out within 6 weeks. If the Licence is not carried out during this time the stallion owner may be eligible for costs associated with the licence inspection.
4. The Colt owner must complete the ‘Stallion Licence Application Form – Addendum 14j’ failure to complete this correctly could result in the Colt failing inspection and the Colt owner may be eligible for costs associated with the licence Inspection.
5. Colts are not eligible for Show Grants or points for trophies until they are successfully licensed.
6. If a Stallion Licence is deferred, the second inspection will need to be carried out in a venue of the SHS choice.
7. Copy of appeal is in Conditions of Entry (Item 12)