Woodbridge Show Results 2023

Judge In Hand & Turnout Mr M. Bundock (Norfolk) .

Class 1. Yearling Colt, Filly or Gelding
1st Whitton Ivy – Mr G. Pratt
2nd Knights Hill Dollette – Mr J. Cracknell

Class 2. Gelding: 2 or 3 years old
1st Euston Dazzling Victory – Euston Farms Limited
2nd Halstead Ernest of Lockspit – Mr P. Smith

Class 3. Gelding: 4 years and over
1st Penisarglyn Montgomory – Mr M Garwell & S Adams. Gelding Champion
2nd Alder Farm Charlie – Mrs J Groom
3rd Dawley Dexter of Foy – Mr A Wager

Class 6 Filly: 2 or 3 Years
1st Walton Pride Joan – Mr M Garwell & S Adams. Junior Champion
2nd Laburnum Amy – Ms D Lawrence
3rd Coxwell Rose – Ms H Fleming

Class 8 Best Mare 4 Years and over, not having foal at foot
1st Eyke Elizabeth – Mr & Mrs J Fleming.. Female and Supreme Champion Suffolk . (Qualified)
2nd Ballaseyr Mandy – Ms K Revitt
3rd Tinglestone Winnifred – HRH The Princess Royal

Class 11 Stallion: 2 & 3 Years old
!st Colony Gremlin – The Suffolk Punch Trust

Class 12 Stallion: 4 Years and over
1st Colony Eli – The Suffolk Punch Trust. Stallion Champion (Qualified )
2nd Easton General- Mr & Mrs J Fleming

Class 20 Best Decorated Harness without a vehicle
1st Whitton Teazle – Mr J Latham

Class 21 Young Handlers
1st Alder Farm Charlie – N. White
2nd Coxwell Rose – L Glockling
3rd Penisarglyn Montgomery – Tia Carter

Class 22 Single Suffolk Turnout
Weylands Farm Gifford – Mrs J Groom